Who is this Guy – Why Me?

I am a 66-year-old guy living in Bristol, Tennessee USA with my wife Sally, our two dogs and two cats.  I moved to the East part of Tennessee in 1996 as part of the sales of a company I had built in in Florida.  This area is so beautiful that I decided to live here for the rest of my life.

My background from the U.S. Military in electronics and that led me to radio and television and ultimately to entertainment in general and being in front of the public on a regular basis with a microphone in my hand.  For me, being in front of a large or small group of people was a very comfortable place, it is not for a lot of people.

Through the years, I have attended many conventions, seminars, and presentations.  No matter what the subject or the business type, people are notoriously bad at delivering presentations. In my professional life, I have lost many hours of my life that I will never get back while watching “leaders” read slides to their audience and using lots of crutch words (um, uh, etc.) because they were uncomfortable and unprepared.

Public speaking can be a nerve-wracking, stressful experience for both the presenter and the audience. The experience is made even worse when nerves or stress cause speakers to forget what they were going to say, mess up the slide shows, lose their place and much worse.

The vast majority of terrible business presentations I have attended, along with some outstanding ones, I learned how to making a successful, engaging presentations. This the type of presentation which can guide people to action, as well as the type of presentation that people actually want to listen to and to be able to glean some golden nuggets.

Not only do I present, speak and teach sales, but I also teach and coach people to improve their own public speaking, and personal interaction, skills.  This has been very helpful to me as well because as I teach, I learn from my students.

As a professional speaker for the last 10+ years, I have been privileged to address 10’s of thousands of people at events large and small across North America.  Whether you’re an educational institution, business, dealership, corporation or conference organizer, I would love to chat with ou about how we can work together for your next event.

I always have two goals for each speaking engagement:

  1. When presenting, I want to know what is the PROBLEM I can help solve. I use stories, comedy, humor and even sometimes stage hypnosis to make points and to keep my audiences engaged and paying attention.  The result is that the leave with real information and golden nuggets that they can apply to their own situation and carry them far beyond just the presentation they heard.  I always want to leave a great impression on-stage!
  2. Before and After presenting, you don’t have to worry about me.  I have worked with hundreds of special event planners and producers, they always will find me easy to work with and minimal upkeep.  I tend to interact with attendees before and after each presentation and be personable as well as informative.

Presentation Topics

I speak on several subjects including sales, marketing, social media, business dynamics, inspiration, motivation, and leadership.  I am able to present keynotes, second stage presentations as well as workshops and seminars.

Let me know your needs by filling out this inquiry form or by contacting me by phone or email.

Testimonials from Clients & Attendees

“Alan has spoken at Mobile Beat Las Vegas several times in different capacities from our main stage to breakout rooms on deeper topics.  Always an interesting presenter, he spends time with the attendees afterward and is enjoyable in the one on one interaction as well, along with being on stage.” – Ryan Burger, Editor & Producer Mobile Beat

“I have been in the entertainment and corporate coaching business for over 25 years. I attended one of Alan’s workshops and really found it current and informative for all levels of experience. He is a fantastic personality and Instructor. I highly recommend participating with Alan if you get the opportunity, as it will really up your game!” – Jeff Oatman, President – My Event Gigs, Inc. The Jeff West Experience.