About Me

Alan Dodson is an Award Winning, Internationally recognized speaker and sales training expert as well as the author of hundreds of articles for business and trade magazines on sales, marketing, social media and internet effectiveness. Alan is uniquely qualified to address sales issues for businesses, both small and large. He regularly speaks on a variety of subjects relating to sales & marketing, social media and internet usage for all types of businesses and inspirational and motivational subjects. Alan has an extensive sales, sales management and training background in multiple fields, including direct sales, automotive sales & training, broadcast radio & television and others. He has spoken at numerous regional, national and international expositions and trade shows and is a sought after inspirational & educational speaker. He offers hiring and training programs, workshops, seminars as well as one on one coaching. His personal clients read like a Who’s Who of the sales and business leaders in North America.

Creator of social media strategies for effective use of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms to increase sales and marketing efforts while maintaining control of advertising budgets.

Every year Alan reads scores of books on business, sales, marketing, motivation, education, speaking, social media and more. He is constantly learning and growing his knowledge base to deliver more to his clients at every opportunity.

Personal Training by: Grant Cardone, Jeffery Gitomer, Tom Hopkins, Larry Winget, Brian Tracy, Harry Beckwith, Zig Zigler, Sandler Training, and many others.

Favorite Books: The Art of War – Sun Tzu, How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie, Selling The Invisible – Harry Beckwith, The Little Red Book of Selling – Jeffery Gitomer, Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill

Specialized Training: Comedy Stage Hypnosis by Jeff Oatman

A Few Former Key Positions Include:

National Sales and Training Manager for Kanda Training Systems
(Retail Automotive Industry Recruiting & Training)
Preferred Marketing and Training
(Retail Automotive Industry Recruiting & Training)
President and Key Executive for American Financial Partners
(Business Evaluation and Growth Consultants)
Creative Manager and Voice/Video Talent for Quantum Media Company
(National Advertising Agency)
Sales and Marketing Manager for Form & Fashion Magazine
(National Fashion/Film Industry Magazine)
International Sales & Business Development Manager, ABC International Trade Network
Regional Manager/Trainer, Oakwood Homes, Inc.
Southeast Regional Sales Manager & Trainer for Electric Mobility, Inc.